Massachusetts Horsemen's Council

MHC Board of Directors

About the Massachusetts Horsemen's Council

The MHC strives to fulfill the following purposes;

- To serve and promote the best interests of Massachusetts horsemen and horsewomen.

- To serve, encourage, support, promote and protect the interests of Junior and Adult riders and exhibitors.

- To create and maintain public interest in the training, riding, and exhibiting of horses in the Commonwealth of MA.

- To cooperate with the USEF and the NEHC assisting in the fair and complete enforcement of the rules of these orgs.

- To maintain annual high-score point totals of exhibitors competing in MHC affiliated competitions.

- Year-end high point awards given to those Owners and Exhibitors who are members of the MHC.

- To maintain proper records for the use of MHC members in connection with the sport.